Monitoring for Fire Alarm / Security Systems / Personal Protection / Environmental

HF Protection Systems has been providing security and monitoring services to many diverse clients over the past two decades. We are committed to work with our clients for the highest quality monitoring service. As a service provider for a leading national monitoring facility to ensure the information for each site is accurate, and regularly updated.

The insurance companies in Canada do offer incentives for a monitored security system. With monitoring from HF Protection Systems home insurance rates can be reduced. These insurance savings help to offset your monitoring fee, and increase the safety and value of your home or business.

Good Reasons Why Your Alarm Systems Should be Monitored by HFP Alarm Monitoring.

Listed by Underwriters Laboratories: file # CBP471 “Burglar Alarm Systems, Central Station Fire Protective Signalling Systems, Shared Service Monitoring” compliant to ULC-S561.

Fully Computerized... with systems software capable of providing complete information on any account at the touch of a keystroke. Information available includes: Identification of alarm zones activated and types of protection devices used. History of all signals logged including time sequence and dates. Specific customer instructions regarding accounts. Customer call list and password information.

All Computer Hardware Is Fully Redundant... to eliminate the possibility of system failure and is on-line with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which has access to both battery and generator power to ensure full operation of the station through both long and short term power outages.

24 Hour Audio Recording System... offers verification of conversations between station operators, system users, police, guards and service personnel.

Station Operators Are Highly Trained... skilled computer systems personnel, well versed in station procedures and able to provide competent interface with police and other emergency services, as well as being polite, helpful and responsive when dealing with your customers.

Computerized / Email - Text Reports... can be printed on request at any time; text messages and/or email can be sent out with each event.

Highest Industry Standards... Our employees are provided with state-of-the-art equipment along with the continuous training that is required for them to perform their duties quickly and efficiently. Our demand for quality performance is integrated with strict compliance to ULC standards.